Rhaymand Tatlonghari

Web Developer / Computer Programmer

About Me

Hi, I'm Rhaymand Tatlonghari, and I'm currently working as Web Developer/Programmer (Freelance). I have a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. I am dedicated,a team player and I can independently work. I love finding solutions to problems in connection with my interest. I also do some hardware, electrical and mechanical things. Whenever I start something, I always make sure that I planned or organized all the ideas first before putting it into an output. I'm optimistic in lots of things, especially when it comes to my profession. I never stop thinking all the possible ways to make my work better. I also believe that if you have the willingness and determination to learn, certainly you are going to achieve what you are aiming for, because all things can be learn. I know I'm almost halfway in reaching my dreams with the help of Almighty God, family, friends and mentors.

Latest Projects

Loadcentral Loading Business

Loadcentral Loading Business

Loading Business 1 SIM Load All Networks. Sim Activation as Loadcentral Retailer and Sell load using your current SIM and Phone or using your Laptop/PC via internet.

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Loadcentral Android App

Loadcentral Retailer's Android App

Loadcentral Retailer App is an android app or mobile application which is use to dispense load to different networks. This is made for easy loading of retailers. Using this app you don't have to type, memorize or key in the different product codes because these products are listed by category.

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Voyg Rent A Car

Voyg Rent a Car Services

Voyg Transport Services, Inc. Rent or Drive? Choose from their different types of vehicles. Wherever it is, Voyg Transport Services, Inc. know how to get you there safely.

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HR Desk (Payroll and Time Keeping)

HR Desk (Time Keeping and Payroll)

HRDesk is a comprehensive, web-based HR tool. HRDesk includes a timekeeping and payroll system which conveniently utilizes cloud technology for a faster and more efficient gathering of reports from multiple branches with the use of an internet connection.

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Other Projects

Fitness HQ - Member Monitoring System

Fitness Gym based on Dubai, system was made to monitor active, expiring and cancelled membership subscription. Daily sales, new members and recurring members reporting.

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RED Application - Cloud Based Accounting System

Multi-Branch accounting software. Check company sales realtime from remote stores. Invertory, sales, items, delivery, billing modules and reports.

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Work Experience

Web Developer & Programmer - iSpark Technologies Corp. (April 2014 - July 2016)

I am responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to a client's specifications. Strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

Others Activities

Firefox Student Ambassadors

Individuals who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many benefits of Firefox & other Mozilla products - especially Firefox OS!

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Loadcentral Dealer

Sell Smart, Globe and Sun Prepaid Cards, Prepaid Gaming, Internet, Satellite, Phone Cards and many more using just ONE cellphone!

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